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Here we go...

Well, here we go … Thanksgiving is upon us.

The beginning of the Holiday season, with all the traditional foods, shopping,

music, decorations, shopping, gatherings...except wait. The holidays 2020 style are different than anyone alive has ever had to live through.

Suddenly what has typically been a joyful and stressful season has new stress added to it. How to make the decisions of what is safe to do this holiday season and how to change our traditions in order to keep those we love healthy.

The holidays 2020 style will look and feel very different. However you feel about the politics and the science, or wherever you are in your acceptance of this reality, it is our present reality. Our physical human reaction to pain is survival, to run away. Yet, our soul human reaction is to turn and run towards others in pain. As Fred Rogers said in his famous quote, "Look for the helpers."

This is a prayer practice that I invite you to use to center yourself - a Metta Meditation, a Buddhist practice, also known as a loving-kindness meditation. Routinely using this prayer, or something like this, can help to quiet your mind and focus on the ways that God is grounding within you.

I invite you to channel your energy and receive the energy of the Creator. To process your own grief this season and send out prayers and energy to those you love.

May I find joy in the midst of grief

May I find contentment in today

May I flourish in whatever today brings

May I find peace

Then repeat using the name of someone else, someone who has been in your thoughts, and in your prayers.

Difficult decisions are still ahead of us. Thanksgiving, Christmas, News Year's - still lay in front of us to navigate in 2020. Then on to 2021, which isn't going to magically improve on January 2. Take care of your own heart. Lift up those you love, both those who you agree with and those whom you don't.

Make room for God in your center.

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